Your image in our voice

A brand's reputation is its greatest value. Thus, the importance of maintaining a close relationship between companies and consumers. And this is exactly what we specialize in!

We have tools and teams prepared to understand the consumer, analyze information and assess trends. All to enhance client experience with the brand.

Our goal is to always generate results: new business, satisfaction, engagement and loyalty!


Management and training of people

We invest in management and training of people, from recruitment and hiring, to training programs, ongoing development, and motivational actions of internal awards and recognition to ensure commitment to our clients' objectives.

Technology and Security

Our technology management focuses on innovation and flexibility to create open channels between the company and consumers - integrating voice, data and image in the same service platform (MULTICHANNEL).

In this way we increase effectiveness in customer relations and reduce costs.

Processes and Quality

Vikstar Mind is a process management model based on market best practices (COPC, PDCA, PMBOK) and our professionals' expertise, resulting in a dynamic, innovative methodology focused on customization and the practicality and quality of results.


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